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Subcategories from this category: Exercise Tips
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I have a sore back!

It's true. I have a sore back and like many of you who have suffered from such a complaint I am a little bit cranky. However I am not worried nor stressed about it because I understand how it happened, that is what I did wrong, how to correct this imbalance and why it is now improving by the hour. I want to share with you how I am "fixing" or rather "facilitating the healing process" which may help you in times of pain to do the same.

Now before I start I would like to apologize for the delay in my blogging. You see I got sick. Well not sick just tired overworked and not practicing what I preach. That being self care, resting recovering and nurturing this magnificent machine our body. I took 3 months off intensive exercise giving up my beloved weight training to sleep, rest, recover, walk and started pilates. I now feeling fantastic. So fantastic I headed back to the gym with a fire in my belly full of enthusiasm and vigor. Something I had lost. To find it again was such a gift. What did I do wrong? Well here goes.

Firstly I had a magnificent Pilates session on a Wednesday but noticed I felt a little "out of balance". My back felt tight after and I overstretched on just one stretch. Yes you CAN overstretch. I just took the stretch that little too far and the result was an imbalance in my pelvis. I knew it, I felt off but not really in pain. You know, the niggle you feel after gardening or walking on the beach at high tide with the sand all uneven under your feet. I ignored it. I didn't listen to the little cues my body was telling me. That was mistake number one,IGNORING MY BODIES CUES.

Mistake number two. I went back to the gym and decided I would do a personal best. Yes I am embarrassed to admit it ego took over. It was just that I have had more energy and strength since my enforced rest than I have had in 12 months so I got excited. So I "kinda" knew I wasn't right but I still lifted heavy anyway. Liken it to you feeling a niggle in your back and then deciding to move the furniture around in the house or lift that heavy potting mix whilst gardening. I felt no immediate pain but as the day went on I stiffened up. Mistake number three was I didn't ICE IT!!!

Well now I am doing the following: I am icing my back 3 times per day for 10 minutes, I am stretching my hamstrings and gluteals whilst lying on my back for 60 seconds each side 3 times a day. I am keeping perfect posture regularly correcting myself by not bending forward but rather squatting down using my legs  not my back. My resting position is not sitting but lying with a pillow under my knees. Rolling over in bed is painful and getting out of bed I feel tentative but by simply lying flat with my knees up then contracting my gluteal muscles lifting my hips several times before getting out of bed I am pain free. 

Turmeric tablets, fish oil in high doses (20 ml liquid) and admittedly some panadol is keeping me pain free. The pain into the sole of my foot has gone within 24 hours of doing everything right. I will be returning to the gym but I know what is right and what is wrong for this diagnosis. How can this help you?

1. Listen to the little niggles. A few gentle stretches and a  warm epsom salts bath at this time just might stop that niggle progressing.

2. At the first sign of pain obviously stop the offending activity and ICE the injured part. Anti inflammatory supplements can help

3. Avoid offending postures. If it hurts to bend don't do it. 

4. Seek professional help for a correct diagnosis so treatment can be geared towards YOUR specific body and injury

Hopefully this can take the stress out of your particular problems. The body is remarkable at healing if you do the right thing. I sure am and expect to be pain free and back better than before



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This notice is for all subscribers to The DrLisa Osteo BLOG. Apologies go out from the IT department due to irregular posts made by our team. Our software was being upgraded and several test blogs were released without our knowledge that they were going out to all subscribers.
This situation will not happen again and in no way was intended. We trust you will continue to read the quality, informative BLOG’s written by Dr Lisa and her team.
Regards IT Department
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Hormones and weight gain: Walking for weight loss

I must admit that yes, I have been caught up in this latest craze of activity trackers. Initially I wanted one to track my sleep patterns (and I will share what I found in another post regarding sleep, hormones and weight gain) but have found myself data collecting with regards to my movement patterns and steps walked.

I set my goal at 12,000 steps. I thought "easy!!. I'm on the go and have a physical job"...NOT SO... On the days I worked yet still trained lifting my weights I would only manage MAYBE 7,000 steps. It dawned upon me that in my mind my job was physical, (yes I love moving all my patients around) but I didn't move that much. I HAVE A SEDENTARY JOB!..WHAT!...Here I am teaching all of you people how important movement is for your back and neck pain and here I am sitting more than I am moving. Well, I have been using myself as an experiment and this is what I have found.

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Why I love GELATIN

Until I delved into the world of gut health I thought gelatin was just used to make jelly. However, with much research and google searching, I have been led to this wonderful addition to my diet. I will share with you how it can aid you too in your health pursuits.

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Hi there. This is my first EVER blog and an introduction to the world of online and internet information sharing so bear with me. This post will be a lengthy one but I promise following ones will be more succinct. I just wanted to share with you my journey towards the wonderful art of Osteopathy and my passion for health and nutrition.

It all started when I was 4….yes 4 years old. I decided there and then that I wanted to be a doctor. Decision made at 4. So all my primary and high school years were geared towards that end. It wasn’t until in my final year of high school in August of 1988 I had an epiphany….yes I wanted to learn all the anatomy and physiology, the diagnosis and management taught at medical school but I knew I could never tell someone they were going to die. What the heck was I going to do now???? Then on that day in August 1988 I stepped into my careers teacher’s room in a panic (with my finals only months away) and desperately urged her for guidance. I picked up a book that I believe was guided to me via divine intervention. It said “Your Guide to Natural Medicines”. The pages literally opened to the chapter on Osteopathy. I was drawn to it as I couldn’t pronounce it (I’m always looking for a challenge). I read the first paragraph and it was like the penny dropped! This was IT!!! I was going to be an Osteopath. I had never heard of it, I had never been to one, I didn’t even know what training they did but by gee I was going to be an OSTEOPATH.

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